Avgeris Mavroxalividis

Avgeris Mavroxalividis

Fitness Trainer

I come from an athletes family with a well known career in boxing, martial arta and physique. I started at a young age with boxing, but my inquiring mind led me to even more fields of training and rehab. I graduated from IEK AKMH on graphic arts and 3D animation. I xollaborated with well known magazines and sports centers as a graphic art designer, but soon I decided to focus on training for a living.

I am a certified Personal & Group Fitness Trainer and Power Cycling Instructor from the European Health & Fitness Associations (EHFA), Effect Academy, National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF), Studio One and I have participated in seminars on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Kettlebell Training, Battle Ropes Training, Weight Training, Fitball & Bosu Training, Aerobic Training (Cardio) και TRX Suspension, Functional & Force Suspension Training. Meanwhile, I also got involved in Ergometric Tests, Athletic Management & Communication and Sports Psychology.

My objective is to make all people include training and practice in their everyday schedule, makin it a way of living. I believe training is highly connected with a better quality of life that we deserve to have at a young and elder age.

Practice and training is invigorating, it is an escape…it is life itself!